Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 month post-op update

Well, as of today, I am one month post op! Total weight lost so far has been 31 lbs, and 20 of those have been since surgery!

It has definitely been a roller coaster ride! I've had my fair share of things not sitting well in my new stomach and have eaten too much and vomited as a result, as well. I'm still trying to learn how much is too much and learning how to slow down when eating. I also still struggle with getting in the 90-100g of protein that my surgeon recommends and my 8 glasses of water a day. I can usually get in about 50-60g of protein a day and about 4-5 glasses of water. It's still a work in progress.

Also, here's a side by photo of pre-op and 1 month post op!

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