Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deciding on the type of surgery

As my meeting with a bariatric surgeon draws near, I have been doing a lot of research on the types of Weight Loss Surgery that are available. I’ve been devouring everything I can about the good, the bad and the ugly regarding each type of surgery. So that naturally bakes the question of which one have I decided would be best for me, right?

After tons of research, and some really sore eyes, I am leaning more towards the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), or the sleeve. There are several reasons I have chosen this surgery over the LapBand and the Roux-N-Y operations.

First, the risks of complications with the VSG are comparable to the relatively low risks associated with the LapBand, and much less than the RNY.

Second, the VSG can be done fully laprascopicly. This means a faster recovery time and the ability to have this procedure done as an outpatient.( ie – go into the hospital in the morning and back home the same night.)

Third, the risks of malnutrition and deficiencies are very, very low, since this procedure does not bypass any part of the intestine.

Fourth, if I do not lose enough weight with just the VSG done, it can be revised to either a RNY or a duodenal switch procedure in the future.

Of course this, as with any surgery, carries some risks. For me, the risks of staying obese outweigh that I would endure by going under the knife. Also, while I may have settled on the type of operation  I would like to have done, I’m going to leave the ultimate final decision til after I speak with the surgeon on Thursday morning and get his opinion on what would be best for me, both now and long term.

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